Students who produced art for Rotherham Central Station

Students commissioned by Northern unveil artwork celebrating South Yorkshire town

Customers arriving at Rotherham Central Station can enjoy a new art exhibition which celebrates the town and its rich history.

Sixteen students at Rotherham College each created an elaborate work of art after they were commissioned by Northern one year ago.

The new exhibition, which includes striking prints and paintings of the town’s landmarks, will be on display for the next 12 months.

Rotherham Central Station is operated by Northern and used by more than 500,000 customers a year.

Kerry Peters, regional director for Northern, said: “We’d like to thank the students for working so hard to create this stunning display.

“We hope customers enjoy this injection of colour and creativity and take pride in the fact their station has been brightened by a group of local students who want to celebrate Rotherham’s unique history.

"I was amazed at how each individual put their spin on their view of Rotherham."

The students who produced the artwork are Abby Heald, Charlotte Broadway, Megan France, Nathan Fashakin, Chuanpeng Zhao, Elise Barnard, Jayden Hannis, Charlie Robinson, Christy Scholefield, Harry Love, Alisha Kendrick, Nicole Zigova, Natalie Jones, Drew Richardson, Favour Ayere and Emily Curson.

The new display is part of a wider project to bring more character and personality to South Yorkshire's stations.

Northern is the second largest train operator in the UK, with 2,500 services a day to more than 500 stations across the North of England.  

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