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Northern’s carriages cleaned almost one million times in one year

Hard working Northern colleagues cleaned the rail operator's carriages almost one million times in 2021. 

A total of 952,514 cleans were carried out – the equivalent of cleaning one carriage at least three times every day.  

Northern is taking extra care to ensure its trains and stations are as clean as possible for its customers. 

The rail operator has more than 600 dedicated cleaning staff working on trains and at stations with a particular focus on touch points (tables, buttons, and toilets). The enhanced cleaning regime is designed to protect customers and staff by reducing the potential risk of COVID-19 transmission which is already proven to be extremely low on the rail network. * 

Tricia Williams, Chief Operating Officer at Northern, said: “We are dedicated to providing enhanced cleaning at stations and on-board its trains.  

Tricia added: “We know cleanliness, now more than ever, is vitally important for our customers. We’ve invested in more cleaning staff than ever before, and our enhanced cleaning regime is designed to protect customers and staff. Our message to our customers is clear, you can travel with Northern with confidence.” 

The rail operator is also asking customers to be considerate of others and wear a face covering, which are now mandatory, unless exempt, on trains and at stations. 

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Notes to editors

* Studies suggest that with mitigation in place the risk of transmission on a train is low and appears to be at least as safe as (and in some instances safer) than other enclosed public spaces. 

Tests by Southeastern and TfL on surfaces at highly used stations that they manage have shown no trace of the virus, helped by the use of anti-viral cleaning products. Professor Kevin Fenton, London director of Public Health England, has said the steps companies have taken means public transport is safe.