Northern held celebration event at Goole station: Pete Myers cuts ribbon at Goole

01 November 2018

Northern held celebration event at Goole station

Goole station has undergone a programme of refurbishment. 

A celebration event to mark the completion of recent refurbishment work at Goole station was held on Tuesday 30 October. The event, which included a ribbon cutting ceremony was hosted by Northern’s Stakeholder Manager, Pete Myers, and guests included Liz Sargeantson, Senior Constituency Caseworker for Andrew Percy MP, and Chris Mottershaw CMILT, Transport Commissioning Manager

As part of the Better Stations project, Northern refurbished the ticket office and waiting area on the Doncaster bound platform which now benefits from new lighting, new flooring and new tiling to walls. In addition to this, the waiting room on the Hull bound platform has had a refresh. Northern also installed new ticket vending machines, making it quicker and easier to purchase a ticket.

Pete Myers, Stakeholder Manager at Northern, said: “We are delighted to celebrate the refurbishment of Goole Station, it is a number of small things that will make a big difference. We have redecorated the ticket office and waiting room area by tiling the floor and walls and replacing the lighting; in addition, we have decorated the Hull bound waiting area and provided two new ticket vending machines. 

“Nothing earth shattering I will admit, but nonetheless important for Goole station, which in turn is vital for the wellbeing of the town and its community. Moreover these small things all add up; in fact to the tune of well over £25 million over the 450 plus stations that we look after here in the North.

He went on to say: “We are incredibly grateful for local support throughout the process; from our customers for their patience during the works; from our employees for their help and willingness to work in what was a worksite for a period of time; but also from The Council and the local MP for their continued support to the station and out services.”

Andrew Percy, Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme, said: “The refurbishment of Goole Station is very welcome for our town. Train stations have a significant role in a community, and it’s small things like this that contribute towards making an area pleasant for local residents and also welcoming for visitors. Many thanks to Northern and all those involved for their hard work.”

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Liz Sargeantson, Senior Constituency Caseworker for Andrew Percy MP, Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Pete Myers, Stakeholder Manager, Northern

Chris Mottershaw CMILT, Transport Commissioning Manager

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Lyndsay McCartney

Notes to editors

During the past 18 months, as well as the shelter installations, Northern has also refurbished 35 waiting rooms, installed improved CCTV at 35 stations and upgraded the public address systems at two stations.

Customer information has also been upgraded with the introduction of 49 new screens at stations which offer live train running information within shelters and waiting rooms.

David Brown, Managing Director at Northern, said: “We made a commitment to improve our stations for customers across the North and we are making significant progress.

“Almost 200 waiting shelters or rooms have been improved or installed giving customers a better environment in which to start or complete their journey.

“And with the installation of new, modern, information screens and high quality CCTV, our customers can travel with more information on a network that is safer than ever.”

The Better Stations programme is a multi-million pound scheme designed to improve more than 400 Northern stations and introduce more than 600 new state-of-the-art ticket vending machines.

The project will continue throughout 2018 and 2019 and, when finished, will see the installation of:

  • More than 160 new shelters
  • Almost 120 refurbished shelters
  • 50 refurbished waiting rooms
  • Nearly 50 new customer information screens
  • Improved public address systems at 68 stations
  • Better CCTV at more than 150 stations
  • More than 600 ticket vending machines
  • More than 40 new seating areas

Better stations is just one part of Northern’s wide reaching modernisation programme, which will also see the introduction of 98 brand new trains and the refurbishment of the rest of its fleet (243 trains) – as well as the introduction of 2,000 extra services each week.

David added: “We are part way through a programme of improvements which will transform rail travel in the north of England.

“Earlier this month we officially unveiled our new trains and in just a few weeks they will be out on the network, giving customers a travel experience that is a genuine step change for Northern and the rail industry.

“In recent weeks we launched our first digital refurbished train – showing the standard all Northern customers will enjoy – with new seating, improved layout, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and at-seat charging points. And, of course, we will be retiring all Pacers by the end of 2019.

“When our improvement work is complete we will have delivered the rail service we know our customers want and need. One that provides more services, more choice, greater reliability, and all delivered in a vastly improved travelling environment.”