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New technology has pulled into St Helens Central station!

New technology has pulled into St Helens Central station!

Automated ticket gates have been installed as part of Northern’s drive to modernise and further improve its network.


The gates, which have been supplied by Cubic, recognise traditional rail tickets as well as all forms of barcode tickets including mobile, print at home and the new paper tickets.

Sharon Keith, Regional Director at Northern, said: “We are introducing automated gatelines at a number of stations across our network as part of our ongoing plans to modernise rail travel across the north of England.

“Ticket gates provide added safety and security be ensuring those at platforms are genuine rail travellers, they also streamline ticket checks meaning Northern customers are able to move through stations more quickly and efficiently. They also help reduce the number of customers travelling without a ticket and discourage anti-social behaviour.”

The ticket gates at St Helens Central are part of a multi-million pound investment to transform and modernise Northern, helping improve security and encouraging all its customers to hold a valid ticket before they board trains.

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