07 March 2019

Delay to implementation of Northern's new six-carriage services in Leeds

A spokesman for Northern said: “Northern is introducing £500m of new trains across its network over the next 12 months to provide a much better experience for customers, with free WiFi, at-seat power sockets, air conditioning and more space than the trains they will replace.

“The new trains have been planned and ordered as two or three carriage diesel trains, and three or four carriage electric trains. The plan for Leeds North West services is to join two of the new three-carriage electric trains together to create a six-carriage formation, providing 50% more capacity at peak times than today.

“However, Network Rail delays to building more platform capacity at Leeds station means that the six carriage formation trains will run when that platform capacity is created, which is expected by December 2021 rather than the original date of December 2019.

“In the meantime, from December 2019, Northern will introduce four carriage, brand new electric trains for customers on the Leeds North West routes, providing a higher standard of customer experience than today.”

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